. . . iook at the detroit pistons

. . iook at the detroit pistons

Iook at the detroit pistons

It came two years and a day after his last one , which also came against the celtics , 1 31 01

At home the competition isn ' t simple with a pair of tough eastern conference opponents in the detroit pistons and chicago bulls

" any time detroit scores more than 100 points and holds the other team below 100 points , they almost always win .
“每次底特律活塞队得分超过100分,并且能够把对手的得分控制在100分以下的时候,他们几乎总是能赢。 ”

Yao and t - mac experienced what shaq and kobe did . the defending nba champion detroit pistons are a tough match for any dynamic duo
姚明? ?麦克格雷迪组合经历了和奥尼尔? ?科比一样的失败,对于他们来说,底特律活塞队是不可战胜的。

The second team consists of chicago teammates ben wallace and kirk hinrich , new jersey ' s jason kidd , detroit ' s tayshaun prince and minnesota ' s kevin garnett

Detroit pistons forward rasheed wallace received an automatic one game suspension without pay in april , after receiving his 16th technical foul of the 2005 - 06 season
底特律活塞队的前锋拉希德?华莱士,在领到他在2005 - 06赛季的第16次技术犯规之后,于4月份自动停赛一场并被扣免当场比赛薪金。

On november 22 three members of the indiana pacers basketball team charged into the spectator area at an athletic facility in suburban detroit and attacked several detroit piston fans