Boeing fined $2.5B for coverup


The US Justice Department announced on Thursday that Boeing has agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion to resolve a criminal charge related to a conspiracy to defraud regulators over the 737 MAX crashes. Boeing's $2.5-billion fine is composed of a criminal monetary penalty of $243.6 million, compensation payments to Boeing's 737 MAX airline customers of $1.77 billion, and the establishment of a $500-million crash-victim beneficiaries fund to compensate the heirs, relatives, and legal beneficiaries of the 346 passengers who died in the Boeing 737 MAX crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

美国司法部1月7日表示,波音公司同意为737MAX系列客机坠毁事件中阴谋欺骗监管机构的刑事指控支付超25亿美元罚款。波音将支付2.436亿美元刑事罚款,向购买737MAX飞机的客户补偿17.7亿美元,并建立5亿美元的空难遇难者受益人基金,用于赔偿737 MAX客机在印尼狮航610航班坠机事件和埃航302航班坠机事件中346名遇难者的继承人、亲属和合法受益人。


In November, the FAA cleared the Boeing 737 Max to fly again after a 20-month grounding.


American Airlines flew a Boeing 737 MAX from Miami to New York with paying passengers on board on Dec 29, making the first commercial flight after worldwide grounding of the troubled aircraft.